The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

Heavy Hangs the Crown

Says spends the first two years of Glamorfell’s rise, to everyone’s amazement, by being a model ruler.

As the tent city comes up, he gets down in the trenches and works with the common people and farmers. Sayd is often seen with Woodrow, Lady Vellara or Kaede, at his side, listening to their plans and concerns with a thoughtful expression.

By night, Sayd entertains the nascent populace with incredible displays via Silent Image, helping to break up the weariness of toil.

Sayd’s first agenda is to get to know the other council members. He is particularly interested in Vagda, the dwarven priestess of Torag, and does his best to cultivate a good relationship with her. He mends old wounds with Jhod over time, not by apology but by consistently showing wisdom and a strong work ethic while the priest is around.

Sayd makes an effort to attend the prayer services and events for all the settlement’s religions. He gets to know Tu-An well and appreciates her counsel, but takes advice from Jhod and Vagda and Kalkamedes as well. He also has Yelenya’s shrine to Shelyn moved to the new capital.

As the town proper begins to form, Sayd turns his constant attention to reading tracts and histories about rulership and governance and does everything he can to learn about the politics of the region. Many are the nights when he, Kaede and Vellara are the last ones awake, pouring through documents and discussing the matters of the age. He reads whatever he can find on the fey with equal fervor.

As the castle is constructed, Sayd oversees Woodrow’s diplomatic efforts, helping him reach out and establish relations with all the nearby neighbors. He also makes frequent personal visits to the Sootscale Caverns, where he continues to develop his strong relationship with Chief Sootscale.

Daily Activities: Getting to know the council members, hunting, helping with construction, seeing to the needs of the populace, going to worship services, seeing to diplomatic and espionage needs.

Nightly Activities: Studying politics, lineages and the history of nearby areas with great interest and diligence, partying with the local populace, planning the next stages of development.

The least he has done: Established friendships with every council member and religious leader in Glamorfell, become very close with Woodrow and Vellara, studied knowledge (nobility) relentlessly, learned the local lore of the area.


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