The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

Horse work

The day was sunny, though cold, and she could feel the warmth in her bones. She disliked it. The light bothered her eyes and while, less effectively than at night, she kept an eye on the land before them she mulled over different ways to limit the sunlight. Options considered and discarded littered the paths of her musings as she sat cross legged atop her horse. It was an unconventional way of riding that allowed her to slide off to the ground at a moment’s notice. Bucksy (they would have to find a name they both agreed on) was trained, but not to the extent of Silverwind, and she was not a natural rider and so she fought from the ground. Different materials wandered through her mind, sooner or later everything turned up in Kaer Maga, and the list was rather long. She settled on glass, made partially opaque. There was likely something more durable available, but would be difficult to source locally. She made a little snicking noise and the horses’ head came up and he turned right as she tapped him on the side of the neck. Teret was fussing with a buckle on his armor as she steered her horse over to where he was riding. Silverwind snorted a little nervously, she had spent a lot of time feeding and grooming Bucksy to make him less nervous around her, and inwardly she smiled that the horse was as twitchy as the human. Her voice was further muffled by the purple scarf she had pulled up to just under her eyes and she spoke in what was, for her a shout, "I need you to train my horse so I can fight on him. Silverwind can teach him how to fight on his own, right?


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