The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

No Time for Hesitation

The Wisdom of Yukimura

Yukimura glowered at the scene, in the way that only a bird could. Those four-legged beasts were in serious trouble, and would not last long in the river’s current.

“Get moving, girl. Even if your nestling companions had the faintest shadow of a plan, they’d never make it in time.”

Kaede nodded at the thrush on her shoulder, quickly spoke the words for a spell, and the air began to shimmer near the ground at her boots. A moment later, she raced towards the shoreline, faster than the swiftest horse. Through his empathic bond with her, Yukimura felt Kaede calling upon her powers of prescience, reaching into the future…

that one. that’s the sturdiest rock.

Kaede planted both feet on a rock at the edge of the bank, and leapt into the air towards the center of the river.

slow down. land lightly.

As she sailed over waterborne Sayd’s head, Kaede called upon her otherworldly bond to slow her descent to that of a falling feather, touching down upon the cart on her tiptoes.

the cart is unstable. crouch slightly, take this path.

Keeping her balance perfectly amidst the rocking motion of the cart, Kaede smoothly picked her way to the front, and untied the panicked beasts of burden that were still tethered. Reaching behind into her haversack without looking, Kaede produced a small vial, drank the contents, and flung the empty clay vessel over her shoulder. Within moments, she was doubled in size, the cart creaking under the sudden weight.

“I’m not in need of a bath just now, if it’s all the same to you, girl”.

Yukimura took flight from Kaede’s shoulder as she hopped into the water.

there’s a narrow ledge here to brace against. keep a wide stance. lean slightly into the current.

Despite rushing water pounding against her chest, Kaede easily kept her balance and grabbed hold of both sets of reins.

almost there. watch for the eddy hidden beneath the surface. turn towards it as you walk past.

Gritting her teeth against the cold of the water, with wet hair plastered against her face, Kaede slowly walked across the river-bottom with both animals in tow, towards the far shoreline.

take hold of that vine, it has deep roots.

Clutching a fistful of vegetation, Kaede pulled herself out of the water onto the shore, handing the reins to the waiting gnomes as she did so. Kneeling for a moment to catch her breath, with a hand pressed against the ground, Kaede spoke softly, audible to none but herself and her master:

“Fate finds a way.”


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