The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

Sayd to Lullabye Jack


I’m sending this care of my man Grennel Norwick. I hope you are doing well. I know the loss of your leg must weigh on you, but strap a peg-leg on and get on a boat for the River Kingdoms as soon as you can. My new crew (The Black Cats) is closing in on the Stag Lord. We will have vengeance for our dead friends. Make for Oleg’s outpost. I have enclosed a map.

There is a kobold there named Mikmek who can get you situated. No one will bat an eye at a firearm toting, peg-legged goblin if you say you are with Sayd Krynn and Yelenya, I can assure you. I have, as they say, influence.



good job cameron! Adding exp to your character for your journal entries.

Grennel’s reply might take a few weeks, but I will be sure to address it.

Sayd to Lullabye Jack

also, CAM: If you really want this guy in the campaign, I need you to design him. Make me a level 1 goblin gunslinger and send it my way.

Sayd to Lullabye Jack

you can give him an 11 point buy and give him one trait.

Sayd to Lullabye Jack

because, honestly, goblin traits are too hilarious to pass up (huge head? yes please)

Sayd to Lullabye Jack
johnrmcinerney Crooknose

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