The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

the last year

pt 1.

The Last Year PT1.
The streets were actually getting busy, people were doing relatively well, and it was kinda quiet. Even if it was too bright out. The sunlight felt good on her skin, but the light was continuing to be an issue. Lady Vellara might have a few ideas about a solution to that one. She was a City girl. Yelenya was looking out over the town as she walked atop the walls, her bare feet feeling the stone, and gently bouncing Yellie as she sang (horribly off key) to the little girl. The occasional skitter-step or twirl usually drew a giggle or a laugh from the precious little thing in her arms. She had to be careful though not to dislodge too many stones, even one the size of her fist would pick up some speed on it’s way down. At least the view was nice, there was plenty of fresh air, and the sunlight felt wonderful.. even if it was too bright.. and they were fifteen feet in the air.
Yelenya had been trying, and succeeding to a limited degree, to get to know the folks who had been moving into her town. She liked halfling, although there were always individuals that managed to get on her bad side, and the ones here were pretty well definitely halflings. People should be what they are, no less, and try for more. Fortunately there was a common ground, they liked to celebrate the end of the day, and she loved to dance. A five or six nights a month she’d invite herself to a gathering and watch, and change diapers, and help cook food, and tell stories, but when it was time to dance she just couldn’t help herself. The dancing was different that what she was paid to do, less formal, and different that what she would do as a distraction, less… anyway, it was a celebration of life. For a dead person with a heartbeat that was one heck of a draw, and she loved it. There was always one or two who looked at her funny, as though there was something wrong with her for having eyes that glowed in the night, or having fangs, but she never tried to hide it. She didn’t care so why should they.
Yelenya, laughing with happiness, stumbled away from the crowd and collapsed onto the ground, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. The nights were getting warm enough that she could dress down and still be comfortable. That meant a skirt and a top that left her arms and shoulders bare. The night wind on her bare skin felt wonderful and she stared up at the stars, wondering what was going on up there. Her nose brought her back to herself, kobolds had kind of a dry/musty smell to them. Even the ones that Sootscale had loaned her. She turned her head slowly so as not to disrupt her neckguard, she had made a few modifications and the silver coins laced into it would occasionally chime if she turned her head to fast. There were a pair of little red eyes in the shadows. She sighed.
“Hey, lady, are you going to tell us more stories?” The younger halflings were so cute.
“No sweetie, I have to go to work.”
“Are you going to come back next time?”
“I’ll think about it.” she teased as she took her bow and the quiver of arrows from where she had set them. The halflings were smart enough not to mess with her things, although a demonstration for the dumb ones was occasionally necessary. Properly equipped for work she followed the kobold.
“You’re sure they’re in there?”
“Yes Lady Sneaky-Stab, two tall folk, one with brown hair, one with blonde.”
Dealing with kobolds was occasionally taxing, but they were good at what they did. Yelenya reached into the shadows and scratched the little scaly creature under the jaw while she looked at the others in attendance. She occasionally had needs that could only be fufilled by a big strong man, like scaring the crap out of a few of the criminals that had wandered in. She disliked wasting a potentially useful resource, the bard that had paid them a visit last year would have been useful if he could be properly motivated.
“Wait for the signal, etcettera, etcettera.”
Akeros raised an eyebrow. “This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.”
“I’m aware, but I see new faces in the guards, and I like when everybody is on the same page.”
She handed her bow and quiver to a guard and climbed the wall to the vent window. The warehouses were all the same design, and a visit to the archetect had ensured that every one had windows that she would fit through. It was a tight fit in armor, nearly impossible with a pack and her quivers, but tonight she was distinctly… underdressed for the occasion. The men were discussing business matters. Apparently they had not gotten the memo she had put out, or they thought that it didn’t apply to them. Her rules were pretty simple, and any who abided by them were more likely to be in her good graces. There was always crime, and she had no issue with people making a living, but it was better to be organized. She disappeared into the shadows as she crept across a beam toward them, and then she really disappeared as she got closer. They might notice the dust that she was stirring up, but it was doubtful. She picked the larger of the two, he seemed to be in charge, and dropped on him like a sack of potatos. Her dagger flashed once across his throat and then she was latched on. His struggles weakened as she bled to death and she sucked the wonderfully warm blood down. The other man was frozen, terror on his face and piss soaking his pants. There were a few moments when she caught his eyes and stared at him, hopefully it would be enough. His screams were not pleasant as he ran for the door only to find Akeros kicking it in. She dropped the dying man and jumped at the screaming one, a perfect pounce before the end. Akeros caught her by the neck with one hand and held her there as she thrashed and snarled at the brown haired man. When an angle opened up she bent her head down and snapped her jaws shut on the guard captain’s leather gauntlet. Still gnawing on the heavy leather she heard Akeros give him the list of rules and a bill for the door, and tell the terrified man that if he needed help figuring out what the rules meant that he could stop by the office and someone would explain it to him. She waited until the guards led the man away before calming down. Akeros handed her a bucket and she managed to make it around a corner before she retched all the blood she had drunk back up. Akeros nudged the now dead man with the toe of his boot before handing her a bottle. The rather unsophisticated stuff that Wally brewed was terrible, but it did get rid of the taste of the blood, and she swished and spat a few times before downing half the bottle in one long pull. Drunk Dhampir’s were a hazard for everyone so she held off after that. Yelenya knelt beside the corpse and massaged his face until the terrified look eased, then she closed his eyes. A piece of silver in his mouth and a copper over each eye finsihed the preparations. She prayed silently to whatever god was listening, and prayed to Sheylin for forgiveness for herself. When she stood she was steady on her feet. She patted Akeros on the shoulder as she left, she trusted him to do a good job with the investigation. Home she lit one candle as she got ready for bed, more for the warmth than the light. She had moved some of her flowers indoors before she had left for the night and they perfumed the air. She caught sight of herself in the small mirror. She had forgotten to clean the blood off her face. As she slept she dreamed of the faces of all the people, of every species, that she had killed. Tonight had added to the list, it was far longer than she wished, but still she slept on.


basically the guy that she killed and his partner ran afoul of two of Yelenya’s rules. her list of rules is pretty short, but the two they violated were at a bad time. the first one states that everybody in the grey or black markets gets taxed exactly (no more, no less) the same as any other merchant. the second rule is the biggie: no selling anything that can hurt the client to him on credit. no cash means no sale. this specifically covers drugs and booze although there are other things on the list.

the last year
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