The Rise and Fall of Glamorfell

the last year

pt 2.

The Last Year pt2.
“Seriously, suck it up, armor up those ovaries, and stab me.” Not exactly the words that one should probably say to a half-orc holding a sharp object, but nobody is perfect. Yelenya gasped as she got stabbed, there was a tug, and a clicking noise, and she got stabbed again. The process repeated for a while and then began again on the other side of her head. The earrings were a fairly simple design, a knot made of braided silver wire was poked through the front of her ear lobe and pulled through to spiral up her ear to where it would end in another knot. The tricky part was the carving of the rings that were spaced inside the wire. Each time they killed something that she felt was notable enough for a memento she took a little piece of bone or armor and when she had accumulated enough she had carved, as best she could, it into a ring shape and a little symbol of what had donated the object. Tuskgutter had a little piggy for instance. She had been a little dismayed at the preponderance of wolves, although she had gotten pretty good at carving them, and the kitty didn’t do the manticore justice, but she thought it was a rather striking look. The good news was that Sasha was actually a pretty good seamstress, the bad news was that it was over so soon. Dhavid came over to look at the limp form of the dhampir with her head in the half-orc’s lap and wandered off muttering about needing a drink and that he’d be in his bunk. Winter was boring. Staying in one place was boring. The test for her earrings had been a nose piercing, and she was tying to talk (nag) Kaede into getting her ears pierced. The fact that, so far, it had worked was encouraging. Or maybe it was just the chance to stab the normally unflappable elf. Winter was boring. Yelenya was a terrible seamstress, but she had made little stuffed animals for all the children within a two week ride. She was a horrible singer and an acceptable storyteller, but she had taken a turn babysitting every kid in town so that their parents could have a little time to themselves. She was a murderess, but crime was fairly low (suspiciously so in fact). She worked almost every waking hour at trying to make things better, because she could. She had time. Lots and lots of time. and after a whole three months she was bored. So, self harm it was. Still, she liked the look. As she lay on the bench Sasha picked up one of her braids and flicked her thumbnail against the pale bead at the end of it.
“The ones in your ears were all animals, this one has a man carved into it. How come?”
Yelenya smiled. "That was the Stag Lord. The rings are all animals, the beads are finger bones. Just a little something for me to remember them by. "

Bonelessly the dhampir stood and hugged the half-orc. It was time for Yellie’s dance lesson. She wasn’t going to miss that.


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