Dovan of Nisroch

Scheming tiefling


Originally posing as a humble carpenter, Dovan has proven himself to be a master of disguise. His pale skin flickers with shadows, while tattoos cover his arms, torso and tail. As he moves, it seems like his shadow takes a second too long to catch up with him; an eerie sight. His gaze is haunted and empty, and a thin sneer seems to always be on his lips.


A scheming and conniving man, Dovan will do whatever he needs to in order to survive. His accent (when not imitating someone else’s) has the thick tones of the western Inner Sea, and his voice seems to barely rise above a whisper.

Until Akiros usurped the role, Dovan was comfortably the second-in-command of the fort. Secretly pleased with the Stag Lord’s alcoholism, Dovan had been actively encouraging the man to drink, for as long as the Stag Lord is in his cups, more power over the bandits rests in Dovan’s hands. Dovan himself is a mystery to the bandits—a dark, tattooed figure with an obvious taste for pain and cruelty. All they know of him is that he claims to hail from Nisroch, where he grew up amid the horrors of the Widow’s Boudoirs, a brothel that specialized in mixing sexual fantasies with murder. When he discovered that he was on the menu for a particularly violent evening, Dovan gathered his things and quietly fled town, spending the next several months enjoying all the decadences and freedoms the River Kingdoms had to offer.

After a close call with a press gang, Dovan “recruited” Auchs by saving the huge man from a brawl Dovan engineered. Dovan often grows tired of Auchs’s simpleminded sounds, but is just as pleased with how well the oaf takes to torture —and the security his friendship brings can’t be denied. Of late, Dovan had been plotting ways to kill Akiros, but he could see how much both the Stag Lord and the other bandits admired him, and knew that he needed to make his move subtly.

Dovan was most recently seen escaping the Stag Lord’s Fort during the battle, fleeing west to the Skunk River. Never one to lack a contingency plan, he had hidden a boat in order to escape.

Dovan of Nisroch

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