Adam Isenbard

Leader of the Iron Wraiths


The Crown has sent an experienced band of adventurers known as the Iron Wraiths into the Glenebon Uplands, charging them with purging the hills of the Tiger Lord barbarians and, eventually, to make diplomatic contact with Pitax to work out border issues.

Tall, poised and clad head to toe in mithral, Adam looks every bit the professional he is trying to convey. His weapons are immaculately kept and have a preternatural gleam. Dark haired and imposing, Adam seems like the embodiment of the Brevic national spirit.


Commanding the Iron Wraiths with a combination of cleverness and charm, Adam leaves much of the daily bookkeeping of his organization to his sister Estella. Adam dances a line between confident and arrogance with every step, and loves the attention his band has garnered in a relatively short time.

Unfortunately, Adam Isenbard’s end was revealed with King Irovetti of Pitax, arriving about a monstrous clockwork dragon, threw his head upon the table during the meeting in which the PCs were granted their official national charter by Hamaria Surtova. The head was later delivered to the Order of Repose in Restov and cremated with dignity.

Adam Isenbard

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