Earl Aedan Orlovsky

Aggrieved Representative


A fairly grave gentleman of noble birth, Aedan’s face is lined with care and worry. A handsome man, he is rapidly graying under the stress of his position and his House’s future. His posture is fairly rigid, perhaps reflecting the turmoil in his thoughts.


A frustrated if sympathetic man, Aedan carries the weight of his house heavily. Brother to Duke Puol Orlovsky, he carries his brother’s intentions and missives to locations where he dare not go himself.

A fairly typical example of a member of the House, Puol is both considerate of the circumstances around him and in a constant state of aggrandizement; his nature wars between the two. He considers his invitation to the wedding between Nadya Surtova and Damien Drelev to be engineered from pure spite on the part of his rivals, House Surtova and Lodovka. He is convinced that house Lodovka’s representative, Fons, has been involved in carnal relationship with Nadya herself.

Furthermore, he is convinced that Nadya’s mother, Hamaria, has invited him personally simply to show off the growing closeness between Houses Lodovka and Surtova and their ever-reaching influence. It is clear that Aedan would like nothing more than for this wedding to explode into a messy, catastrophic ruin.

Luckily, many noble Brevic weddings end in disaster. He may just get his wish.

Earl Aedan Orlovsky

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