Akilina Orlovsky

Stolen Princess


Akilina has the facial expression of a woman who, if you were being cruel, looks like she has floated by on her looks for the majority of her life. Her fashions seem to be very court-conscious and deliberate, and her hair and skin have a flawless look that begs a will save vs illusion. Her smile radiates an invitingly affectionate warmth. Her body is prim and slender, her limbs long and graceful.


An outrageous flirt with little concept of personal space, Akilina has been the lustful object of many a young noble boy’s desires. Despite this, she is a very well spoken young woman who seems to have her House’s best interests at heart. She is its youngest member, the youngest daughter, and Baron Poul Orlovsky’s Little Girl.

A closer look reveals that there are deeper qualities beneath, although they have yet to be revealed. She has pointed interests in pastimes and hobbies distinctly Orlovsky: falconry, riding, and a relative obsession with astrology. She also has expressed enthusiasm about dancing, social gatherings and fashion.

Strangely, Akilina seems to show none of the usual feisty rhetoric of a member of House Orlvosky. She does not rant about the thousand injustices rained down on them by Houses Surtova or Lodovka, and her thirst seems to incline more toward wine than blood.

She seems very enthusiastic about life on the frontier, but time will tell how she handles years on the edge of a vast and terrifying wilderness.

Akilina Orlovsky

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