Brooding barbarian who likes to break things


A handsome man with a regal bearing – despite having a several inch scar reach across his face. The strange juxtaposition of the brutal and the privileged exist in his every movement. He wears tattered clothing and armor, but you can tell that he once wore far better. His face is downcast in a perpetual frown.


Until recently, the role of second in command for the Stag Lord was filled by Dovan. Immediately before the Stag Lord’s death, however, Akiros had that honor – an honor that he was not sure that he wanted. The awkward combination of bitter resentment and blatant fawning the position created among the other bandits always annoyed Akiros, and he told you that had been patiently waiting for an opportunity to turn on the Stag Lord and perhaps extract himself from the membership of his group.

He had grown moodier and gloomier as a result, and spent most of his time either sleeping or brooding in his room, oiling his armor, or writing in his memoirs in a small journal.

Beyond that, Akiros’ more distant past is an absolute mystery, and he is loath to discuss it.

During the assault on the Stag Lord’s Fortress, Akiros fought in a rage before suddenly surrendering. The group spared his life and grew to appreciate his company, later inviting him on their trip to Restov. He now serves on the Council of Glamorfell as its Marshall, a job whose daily personal interactions has required no small amount of adjustment for Akiros.

Despite this, he seems to be doing a laudable job, and despite the mystery of his past, is a welcome citizen of Glamorfell.


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