Albany the Angry Unicorn

Shadowy Steed of Narlmarch Fame


On the surface, Albany resembles a dark grey horse with a black horn. The resemblance ends there, however. Albany’s horn is composed of nascent dripping shadow, and his eyes glitter a menacing red. His every step lingers on the ground he treads, a pool of shadow that takes a moment to drain away.


Albany used to be an awesome unicorn. Once one of Gnarlroot’s besties in the Narlmarch, one day their relationship took a tragic turn. When Albany showed up in Gnarlroot’s grove, he angrily gored him in the trunk, causing almost mortal damage and dislodging Albany’s horn. This was a marked departure from their usual flower gathering and gallivanting activities. To this day, Albany’s horn is wedged within Gnarlroot’s trunk, causing incredible pain.

When Albany is next seen, his missing horn has been replaced by one of pure shadow. Huge makeover!

The party encountered Albany in his Twilight Grove, surrounded by fey servitors. After a tense battle, the party released Albany from his shadowy form by killing him. An other indistinct, shadowy monster leaped forth and fled from the scene.

Visions by Josef revealed that Albany’s condition was caused by The Decrepit One, a fallen druid, in a foul ritual.While exposed to the dying energies of Albany‚Äôs demise, Josef had a vision of the man who had inflicted this condition on him.

Albany the Angry Unicorn

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