Alexander Bedard

Ambassador from Andoran


Bedard has a muscular build, the remnants of his early life as a dockworker in Augustana, and despite his short stature, he’s an imposing presence in any crowd. As a member of the People’s Council, Bedard dresses in the finest of tailored garments and wears navy blue for the festivities to show his patriotism. No matter how much he grooms, however, the politician has a permanent shadow of stubble on his chin, giving him a rugged and somewhat dangerous demeanor.


Bedard believes in always dominating the current topic of discussion, trying to butt into conversations with tales of his own, which he believes to be far more interesting. Most of Bedard’s stories end up being nothing more than boring descriptions of his work back at the shipyards in Andoran or rambling tales of political procedure in the People’s Council.

While he plays up that his own importance is a result of rising from a working-class background to succeed on the national political stage, Bedard is more sensitive than his bravado might suggest. Though his courtship of Nadya Surtova was politically motivated at first, he truly fell for the raven-haired beauty and was deeply heartbroken when she opted to wed Damien Drelev in his place.

During Nadya’s wedding he could not help but exclaim his disapproval of the arranged marriage, and was promptly laughed out of the chapel by the Brevic nobility.

Alexander Bedard

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