Taciturn Fisherman


Silent, bearded and continually smoking something, Arven is a man of few words.


Another of the men who appeared when Oleg summoned help, Arven is the Levetons’ most frequent supplier of fish. Oleg tells you he works the Tuskwater to the south, dodging the Stag Lord’s men to do so.


Arven was later found near the shores of the Tuskwater. He explained that his secret fishing hole had been invaded by the legendary “Crackjaw” – an ancient and onery turtle that has been wandering around the Kamelands for over a century. Unfortunately, Crackjaw was now a friendly turtle, and had destroyed two of Arven’s boats along with his fishing equipment; Arven barely managed to escape with his life.

Arven led them to his watering hole and the PCs dispatched with Crackjaw. Arven thanked them heartily.


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