Aspen "Ringo" Mathers

Overconfident River Rat


Sweet and innocent looking but with a flashy edge, this halfling pirate and smuggler is an ardent follower of Besmara and loves to separate fools from their money. He is constantly drowsy and needs 12 hours of sleep a night to feel healthy. He chews licorice furtively at all times, giggling to himself. He has the Childlike feat, allowing him to appear innocent when bluffing, and also gets on very well with bigger folk. His Human Shadow trait allows him to use larger creatures as cover when gaining concealment and gives him bonuses when humans are around. He is an insatiable kleptomaniac and has the Filcher archetype.

He is concerned with his own freedoms but not necessarily the freedoms of others. He was originally a pirate on the open seas but has since plied the rivers as part of a freebooter crew.

He drastically overestimates his own gloriousness and is not above approaching the rulers of Glamorfell as a 1st level character, crowing about the need for an armada and how he should be in charge of it.

Aspen "Ringo" Mathers

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