Brutish Thug


A lumbering lummox of a man, his slack expression does nothing to hide his lack of intelligence. Brutish, enormous and glad in leather, this man radiates malice.


Simpleminded in everything but cruelty, this lieutenant of the Stag Lord leads almost entirely through intimidation.

Auchs is as simple as Akiros is complex. A lumbering lummox of a man, Auchs is simpleminded in everything but cruelty. He loves the sound of sobbing and screaming when the sounds aren’t coming from him, and gleefully crushes and pummels bandits and prisoners alike according to the commands of his fellow lieutenants or the Stag Lord. Illiterate, the only word Auchs can spell is his name—and not even then, since Dovan took perverse glee in telling him that “ox” was spelled “Auchs.”

He’s traveled with Dovan for the past 2 years, after the smaller man saved him from being killed for starting a deadly brawl in a marketplace in Daggermark, and is rarely found far from Dovan’s side—although he is taking an increasing liking to Akiros, much to Akiros’s annoyance.

Auchs was killed during the battle at the Stag Lord’s Fort. Attempting to sneak through a web to pummel grappled party members, he was surprised when the web caught fire and he was then surrounded and killed.


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