Baba Migori

ancient woman with cryptic answers


Seemingly ancient beyond reckoning, Baba Migori looks like she should have trouble moving at all, but is in fact quite spry. Hey eyes seem particularly animated.


Another inhabitant of the Narlmarch Forest, Baba Migori seems concerned about the fate of the Honey Queen and of a young girl she claims is captured by her, Lyla.

Baba seems to enjoy testing the resolve of those she meets – frequently demanding promises and oaths in exchange for information or help.

You have heard rumors of this woman in Hollow, describing an ancient creature who long ago gave up the comforts of civilization for the forest’s embrace.

Things Baba Migori Revealed:

The Whispering Queen is a creature of bitter loss, regret and anger. Being confined to the First World, she can only act with mortal agents to carry out her unknown wishes. Each of these mortal agents embody one of her “passions”, or strong emotional feelings that she has toward the events that have caused her tragedy. Each agent will have some sign of her favor upon them – usually an item with some kind of green symbolism. While some of her agents may know that they are working for her, others may have no idea and are the subjects of manipulation – making ferreting them out even harder. Each agent will embody her passion in some manner.

The passions that Baba Migori knows about include:

Control of nature

Each one of these persons will symbolize a facet of her life that she views with great regret and loss.

She says that you have already met the agents of Self-Loathing and Avarice

You remember reading in Tartuk’s journal about dreams he received of a Green Lady and the lock of hair that he keeps on his person at all times.

Baba Migori

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