Baron Hannis Drelev

Leader of The Drelev Excursion


The East Sellen River runs through the swamps known as Hooktongue Slough. As the most vital trade route from the south, this area has been as the most important to Brevoy—as a result, a large group of diplomats and high-ranking soldiers has been sent into this area to ensure the trade route is open and safe.

Although you would never gather from his bearing, Baron Drelev was one of the highest ranking students to ever come out of the Aldori dueling schools and spent several years in the Armed forces of House Orlovsky. Handsome, educated and possessed of a noble aloofness, this minor member of House Orlovsky has ambition written across his features.

His clothing is of the latest fashion but practical for travel, without a hint of gauche. His eyes remain half-lidded at all times as if he were about to fall asleep, and making eye contact is only possible if he deigns to notice you at all.. Holding a regal bearing above even his own station, Hannis radiates composure and cunning, and some would say condescension. It is clear that this is a man who believes that he is destined for much in life, and will gain it by letting no trivial detail escape his notice.


Baron Drelev was last seen at the Surtova wedding, fighting a spite demon single handedly after his wife and brother-and-law teleported away to safety, abandoning him.

Baron Hannis Drelev

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