Breeg Orlivanch

Deceased trapper of ill repute


Who was Breeg Orlivanch, and why has he cast such a long shadow over the Stolen Lands?


A trapper known for his inhumane but very effective tactics, Breeg was the best and most reliable trapper who supplied Oleg. The party’s only direct encounter with Breeg was with his dead body at the bottom of one of his own sabotaged traps, but he was well known by everyone in the region.

The residents of Hollow knew him as an effective but cruel trapper, who left cruel and dangerous traps that the unwary often fell prey too. To Oleg, he was his longest running supplier and considered a true if gruff friend. To mysterious hunter known as Constance Devine, Breeg was a confidant and steady customer. To Miles Bandy, Breeg was a salvation when he was robbed and left for dead by bandits. To the Stag Lord’s men, he was the one hunter they never managed to track or intimidate into submission.

In the end, he was a body at the bottom of a pit.

Breeg Orlivanch

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