"Captain" Ivan Ivanovich

Leader of The Spirit of Restov (deceased)


A large, brutish man wearing clothes that look like they have never seen a day’s use. A scar over one eye leaves it forever closed, and his large, worn hands are covered in crisscrossing marks. He clutches a sword at his side, knuckles white as if attempting to strangle it. Simply stated, he looks like a thug.


“Captain” Ivan Ivanovich was the leader of the Spirit of Restov, the fourth Expedition of Exploration sent into the Stolen Lands to clear the Greenbelt of its ages-long banditry. While the party was originally assigned to his retinue, investigation revealed that he had no intention of including them at all.

Following his men to a slaughterhouse in the Hickory District, the party discovered that he and his men were attempting to burn the structure to the ground. It soon became evident that Ivanovich’s slaughterhouse was not preparing meat of a mundane variety, but rather local sick and stray animals that he had gathered with the help of an accomplice. This low-cost “meat” was then processed into sausage, reaping a small fortune for Ivanovich.

Attempting to hide his illegal activities, Ivanovich was caught in mid-act destroying the evidence. As a fire raged about his warehouse, the party dispatched his men and then split up. Half went to the ground floor to free what animals they could amidst the smoke and flame; the other half chased the fleeing Ivanovich in a daring pursuit over the moonlit rooftops of Restov.

Having finally detained him, the party brought him to justice, and evidence emerged that in addition to his other crimes he had also taken on a false identity. A regal woman with an Issian accent had offered him a place on the expedition and a hefty sum if he would attempt to sabotage the entire enterprise. He could not identify this woman, but indicated that she gave him high-quality forged documents with his name on them that showed a lifetime of military service on the Numerian border in the rank of Captain.

The party was then visited by Jamandi Aldori, one of the senior Swordlords. She offered them the opportunity to take the leadership of the expedition in Ivanovich’s absence if they could maintain their discretion.

"Captain" Ivan Ivanovich

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