Chief Sootscale

Chief of the Sootscale Tribe


This black scaled kobold is the leader of the Sootscale tribe. Exiled from the larger Truescale tribe by his clutchmate Merlokrep, the chief led his people north into their current home. The chief is a prime example of the glory of the kobold race, adorned in the vestments of his tribe.


While his Common is broken, the chief is clearly very clever, manipulative and wheedling. He sees the opening of diplomatic ties with the humans as a potential great boon to his people, and a great way to gain leverage over the mites and rival kobolds.

The Sootscale tribe has been troubled recently. Their numbers were rapidly dwindling due to warfare on several fronts against bandits, mites and other kobolds. When the shaman Tartuk arrived, he initially viewed his powerful magic as a blessing. Somehow, despite his powers, the Sootscale’s problems only got worse. When given the statue of Old Sharptooth by Sayd, the chief bravely shattered it in order to end the curse over his people.

The group helped the Chief rid his tribe of its mite problem and purging an interior saboteur, the nefarious purple kobold Tartuk. With his new freedom, the tribe reached a level of newfound prosperity.

The Chief tasked the PCs with killing his rival, King Merlokrep, who had exiled his people decades earlier. The PCs, obligingly, stormed King Merlokrep’s keep, freed the children he had captive there, and killed him and his advisor Jekkajakk. They also stole Vreggma, fairest of all kobolds, and returned her to Chief Sootscale for marriage.

Perhaps most importantly, they delivered into his hand the minor artifact known as the Crown of the Kobold Kings, a piece of magical regalia that bestows the owner command over the Scaled Folk.

In return the Sootscales and the PCs signed an accord of friendship, and the Chief helped the Black Cats rid the land of the presence of the Stag Lord.

Sadly, and perhaps predictably, the Chief’s ambitions have grown over time. Missives of strange and exotic experiments happening within the depths of the Sootscale Caverns have often reached the party’s ears.

Can this overzealous king be tamed before his people spill into the Lands Above for conquest and war?

Chief Sootscale

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