Commander Rubaani Shafar

Head of security on the island, commander of hired mercenaries


A tall and muscular Garundi woman, Rubaani looks out of place in her ceremonial half-plate armor. A scar covers the right side of Rubaani’s face, the result of a manticore loosing a tail shard against her.


An eternal warrior, Rubaani is a fish out of water during the wedding. She does her best to remain on the periphery of any large crowds, watching her subordinates and keeping her own keen eye on the Surtova family and their guests. Rubaani maintains the longest standing mercenary contract associated with the Surtova family, signed almost 2 centuries ago by her grandfather’s grandfather. Rubaani upholds her family’s code of supplying well-armed guards to the Surtova family, and plans to do so until she dies and her children inherit the honor.

Rubaani can be difficult to engage in conversation, as she has a job to do and is dedicated to ensuring her patrons are kept safe. She has a soft spot for tales of battle, however, and can be drawn out of her stoicism if someone regales her with accounts of their past exploits or legends of great battles, heroes, and deeds of valor

Commander Rubaani Shafar

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