Earl Evan Garess

I don't trust those f*****g dwarves!


A severe looking man, Evan’s burdens as his brother’s emissary and his oldest son’s constant disappointments have left him worn. He wears the faded glory of his House’s more prosperous days, although meticulously kept and cleaned.


Evan Garess is not a happy man. His house has seen better days, and his heir has proven to be nothing but a disappointment. To make things worse, the normal line of succession has been completely subverted by his older brother, Duke Howlan’s, whims. It is no secret that Duke Howlan has named a dwarf, one Toval Golka, as his heir.

Toval was adopted by Duke Garess in the aftermath of his son and the dwarves in the mountains nearby disappearing. Saddened by this loss and able to commiserate with Toval in their shared loss drew them closer and after a year or two, Duke Garess adopted Toval as his son and heir. When the Duke dies, Toval will take over, and likely will face some rebellion and objection to his claim of inheritance.

Evan believes that whoever holds the Throne of Brevoy will be unlikely to recognize a dwarf as heir of House Garess, and hopes to step into his place.

In addition, Evan’s son Kesten had fled the household after a long and drawn out affair with a member of the scullery had been discovered. The girl disappeared shortly thereafter and Kesten was sure that his father was responsible. Crushed, Kesten fled to the Stolen Lands.

Dealing with Earl Evan is like dealing with the face of frustration itself. His desires are writ large in his every action, and you sense that the man will stop at nothing to stop the foolishness that he feels plagues his family.

Earl Evan Garess

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