Damien Drelev

Eager young man with promising military career


While in some ways resembling his father the Baron in features, the sense of calculation found on his father’s face is completely missing on the son’s. Handsome and rugged, the stress of dozens of campaigns across the Brevic nation have aged him prematurely; some say even magically.


At his father’s insistent wishes, Damien Drelev joined the Surtovan Army to show the family where their loyalties lied, which was quite a shock to the higher-ups in House Orlovsky. True to his word, Damien applied himself as best he could and soon found himself the captain of a regiment that went on to win many victories against their Numerian neighbors and the occasional Iobarian barbarian horde.

Damien took his duty seriously, but is ready to settle down to a life of domesticity with the Surtovan clan. He seems to be a young man who is willing to confront and make the most of any situation without expressing any ill sentiment.

Damien Drelev

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