Davik Nettles

Undead ferryman


Davik, the Brevic engineer who planned a cushy retirement on the banks of the Shrike River, is dead…. but he’s still moving! Refusing the Stag Lord’s “offer” of extortion for the toll he collected for running a ferry, Davik fell victim to violence. He was killed in his sleep by a savage bandit attack in the dead of night, ending up at the bottom of the Shrike River. That is, until his unholy anger brought him back as a putrescent and irate corpse who loves drowning people who pissed him off in life. While he’s dragged plenty of bandits into the river, there’s one who he just can’t wait for: The Stag Lord.

Davik has told the PCs to bring him the body of the Stag Lord so that he main join him for eternity in his watery grave.

Davik Nettles

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