Decrepit One

Professional Punching Bag for the Stag Lord


Withered by age and spite, The Decrepit One is a shell of a man. His body is crooked and twisted by time and endless beatings at the hands of the Stag Lord. His gait is shuffling, his toothless mouth opened in an endless gasp. In his weathered face you see the wild features of a Kellid man, all but erased in pain and spite.


Visions by Josef revealed that Albany’s condition was caused by The Decrepit One, a fallen druid, in a foul ritual. While exposed to the dying energies of Albany’s demise, Josef had a vision of the man who had inflicted this condition on him.

First, he saw an old man – decrepit and broken, shuffling and twisted – trapping the unicorn in the confines of a entanglement spell. Once detained, he summoned forth a shadow to possess Albany body in some unholy rite.

Next, he saw the same old man in some sort of basement, damp and stinking. The old man had wounds and bruises across his entire body, inflicted on him by a hulking brute over him. The brute had the head of stag, and laid into him mercilessly, blow after blow, while the old man whimpered.

He then saw the old man again, this time younger. In this vision it is the decrepit one torturing the same man who had the stag’s head, only now much younger – a child really- and sometimes bare faced, at other times with a burlap sack over his head. Throughout the scene the man beats the child, starves him for days, threatens to kill him, leaves him by the roadside bloody and freezing in the winter, and at one point dunks his face into a bowl of acid, leaving him terribly scarred. It is for this reason that the child wears a burlap sack over his head.

In the next scene, even further into the past, the decrepit one is now much younger. He is in front of a council of druids – who by their vestments Josef realizes are part of the Green Faith. They have found him guilty of trying to bring someone back to life through a foul practice of necromancy and increasingly erratic behavior and cruelty. He is expelled from their order and allowed to live only so that he may care for his infant son, He converts to the faith of Gozreh, finding strange solace in all the violencev and impassive cruelty in nature. In the years that follow, he blames his son for this misfortune, vowing to treat him as nothing more than an animal.

The final scene is of the man in his youth, taking the vows of the green faith. Against the tenets of his cabal, he takes for himself a wife – pretty, much younger and with dark tresses and pale green eyes. Soon after, she becomes pregnant
and, against his best efforts, dies in childbirth and leaves him a son. Agonized by his loss, he turns to the blackest magic to bring her back. Enacting an ancient and terrible ritual, he sacrifices another girl in an effort to ask the spirits to release his wife’s soul and have her return to him. Appalled by his monstrous act, his wife’s spirit appears before him and curses his name, departing forever into the afterlife.

Nugrah’s tortured life was finally ended at the battle at the Stag Lord’s fort, in a magically summoned pit while being skewered by an angry polearm wielding barbarian.

Decrepit One

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