Edgrin Galesong

Heart as big as his stomach


Edgrin is a sweaty, moon-faced little halfling whose heart is as big as his stomach. His once debonair, brocaded, green-velvet doublet and silk leggings are torn and covered in grime, and his lute still hangs on a strap at his side although he splintered it on a kobold’s skull in defense of the kids. Edgrin is all courage and an eternally huffing, winded spitfire.


Edgrin Galesong, a chubby halfling and bard extraordinaire, was a member of the Gray Eagles, an ill-fated adventuring troupe based in Augustana in Andoran and who ventured into the Riverlands seeking to liberate any slaves held against their will.

The Gray Eagles were swarmed by a large hunting party of kobolds. Most of Edgrin’s companions were killed, but he and an elven wizard named Tyran Moonsliver were captured alive and dragged back as captives of the Sootscale tribe and forced to entertain them with vulgar dances and songs for weeks. Eventually he was and Tyran escaped and fled into the Narlmarch Forest.

Where they were once again captured by a rival group of kobolds, the Truescales and held for either a food source or some macabre sacrifice.

Originally dejected by the death of his friends, Edgrin consigned himself to his fate, but when the children were hurled into the holding pen with him Edgrin grew determined to help them escape.

The bard and Tyran overwhelmed their guards with more than a little help from the courageous Kimi Eaveswalker. As they sprinted for freedom, Tyran and Hollin were felled by paralytic-poison-coated spears, but the other children and Edgrin made it to the top level of the monastery.

They took a wrong turn in the maze-like caverns, where Edgrin watched helplessly as the forge spurned there dragged little Jurin Kreed into the darkness.

Eventually escaping with the help of the party, he was convinced (along with the good will of returning his possessions) to stay on at Oleg’s for the winter, and perhaps longer.


With the foundling of Glamorfell, the Black Cats decided that Edgrin would make an admirable Councillor. His ability to be an easily accessible face for the halflings and his general geniality have made him a fine Councillor. Edgrin takes great delight in being able to help assist what may the be largest gathering of free halflings on the face of Golarion, and wants to ensure that his people’s legacy will be a lasting one.

Edgrin Galesong

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