Swarthy-skinned and powerfully built, Ergarthis is impeccably dressed when he appears in private. His voice is melodious and soothing, tinged with an exotic accent hinting at exotic lands to the east.


Growing up on the Isle of Jalmeray, Egarthis trained to
become a monk from an early age. When he first began
to show sorcerous talent, he was returned to his home at
his father’s request to focus on his new skills. Although
a sorcerer of some skill, Egarthis’s father was a poor
teacher and would often beat Egarthis for failing his
impossible lessons. Five years ago, after a particularly
bad beating, Egarthis snapped, killing his father in a
fiery duel. Fleeing Jalmeray, Egarthis found himself
drawn to the cult of Razmir, who respected him for all
of his talents.

Egarthis is a cruel and petty man who enjoys lording
his authority and ability over others. He may beat
acolytes to within an inch of their lives for the smallest
of infractions. He sees it as his duty to make the new
recruits as hard and cruel as he is so that they might
serve as better tools for the faith. As Iramine’s lover, he
has quickly risen to a position of power in this temple
and has been left in charge until her return. As such, he
intends to prove to her that he can handle things, and is
twice as harsh as normal to ensure that everything goes
according to plan.


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