Elanna Lebeda

Social Climber


Elenna Lebeda is a well formed and attractive woman whose noble lineage is obvious in both her bearing and mien. Every aspect of her body seems sensible: from her athletic but not overbearing physique to her appealing but not garish beauty. She is quick with a sympathetic smile and her eyes invite your personal confidences.


While many label Elanna a social climber, few will claim she is incapable or unpleasant. Her family has repeatedly and with some recent success attempted to marry her to Regent Noleski Surtova, solidifying the alliance between the two houses that will prove inestimably profitable to the Lebedas and will give Regent Noleski the heirs and allies he desperately needs.

In meeting with the PCs she was sure to offer terms that were favorable toward her house, but showed utmost professionalism when they were declined. She takes no personal animosity or angst over business terms that others would rankle over.

While the oldest child of Dame Sarrona Lebeda, her considerably less capable brother Demir will inherit the Houses’ holdings. As a truly seasoned politician, Elanna shows no indication if this arrangement vexes her in any way.

A remarkable woman, indeed.

Elanna Lebeda

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