Faelbrin Medvyed

Looking to punch through the glass ceiling


Poor plain Faebrin. Looked over her entire life as a suitor by women more attractive and demure, Faebrin’s expression is one of resignation well beyond her years. House Medvyed is known for its comparative dismissal of courtly fashion, but Faelbrin’s decor is lacking even by their standards.


Plain in face and word, Faebrin is nonetheless quick witted and intelligent. She is eager to tell anyone – perhaps too eager – about her perceived viewpoints on the inherent unfairness of a male-centered patriarchy. She feels that her father, Baron Gurev Medyved, was a poor choice on the part of her otherwise sensible mother; the man has had nine daughter and still seeks to have more, searching for his elusive “true heir”. Faebrin knows where she stands within the world and wants to break free in an as assertive a manner as possible.

While the party welcomed her alliance, she was summarily dismissed as as potential suitor for Sayd.

Faelbrin Medvyed

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