Man sized frog!


At first glance, Garuum looks like nothing more than a man-sized frog mimicking a human’s posture. Normally resting on his long and muscular hind legs, he seems barely over four feet in height. On the rare occasions you have seem him extend his legs, you note that he is substantially taller. His head looks almost exactly that like of his smaller, less intelligent frog cousins; he has bulging round eyes and a vast mouth lined with a single sharp ridge of bone instead of of teeth. His tongue remarkable: long, prehensile and capable of remarkable manipulation. His skin is covered in the warty, grey-green flesh of an amphibian. He holds in his hands a wicked spear; however it looks like his left hand has been crushed in some kind of horrific accident.


Garuum appears to be the lone inhabitant of a small parcel of swampy land in the Narlmarch Forest, including a broken down keep and adjacent tower. When first encountered, Garuum seems only know a few words in common, including “me”, “Garrum”, “you”, “go” and “truce”. He was not immediately hostile, but it was clear that the party’s presence was unwanted. He was accompanied by two giant purple mastodon frogs known as slurks. The party left food and gear behind for him and departed peacefully.

Once communication was established, Garuum explained that he was from the ancient Boggard empire of M’botuu, ruled by the terrible priest-king known as Sepoko. Garuum attempted to eat the sacred blue dragonflies that were supposed to impart strength and attempted to overthrow Sepoko as part of a one-frog rebellion, but failed. He was chained in a cage and tortured for his efforts. Once, when his captors were drunk on human whiskey they had stolen, he smashed his own left hand with a rock, pulverizing it and allowing him to slip his bounds. He fled out of the swamps and to the east, where he found his current abode.

In Desna of 4712, Garuum’s arm was healed by the Oracle Elissa, and he was convinced to come back to Foundling’s Reach with the party.


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