Ancient talking tree


An enormous tree dozens of feet high, Gnarlroot is an ancient creature covered in moss and branches. When he speaks, his voice is a loud bass boom. When not moving, he is indistinguishable from the rest of the forest.


An creature of great experience and age, Gnarlroot was befriended by Kinky when he was scouting for the party. Although in pain, he was happy to share information.

He explained that he had been wounded by his friend, a maddened unicorn named Albany the Fair, and that the root had since fused with his bark.

He also gave concern that another treant friend of his, a lovely woman named the Tree Singer, had since awoken after hundreds of years of sleeping. He did not know what new master she served or what strange effect her songs were having on the local wildlife.

After the party slew Albany the Fair, the came back to tell Gnarlroot. Finding him asleep, they discovered upon his waking that the horn had been removed and that Gnarlroot felt much better.

He gave a large part of his bark – a 20 lb chunk of enchanted darkwood – the party as a reward.


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