Grabbles, King Among Mites

King Among Mites!


Grabbles - King Among Mites, Lord of the Old Sycamore, Herald of the Whispering Queen…. etc etc etc.

Grabbles is a small, fetid blue mite dressed in greasy regalia. His voice is high pitched and shrill. Small medals and pieces of silk festoon his rags. Eyes bulging, he rides atop Tickleback, a man sized tick that serves as his trusty steed.


Now evicted from the Old Sycamore, Grabbles rules over the mites of the Sycmo tribe. Unique in his ability to speak Common, Grabbles swore anger and vengeance against the Tall Folk who aided the kobolds in the Tiny War. He often invoked the name of the Mistress of Whispers and the coming of the First World.

Lost his masterwork longspear when rendered unconscious aboard Tickleback.

Grabbles, King Among Mites

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