Hamaria Surtova

Mother of the Bride


Hamaria Surtova is an elegantly dressed woman of middle age, with pale skin and long, straight black hair. For the wedding she is dressed in a formal crushed velvet dress that accentuates her form without showing being inappropriately revealing. Her piercing gaze moves about as she keeps tabs on all her guests-whether to ensure no one has an empty goblet or for some other, more politically motivated reason, she gives no indication.


Sister to the King and Queen Regent of Brevoy, Hamaria has been tasked with increasing the influence of the Surtovan family. To this end she has wedded her daughter Nadya to Damien Drelev, an up-and-coming officer within the Surtovan Army.

She is always “on” as the event’s hostess, and laughs politely and converses with all the guests. It is obvious to the trained observer that she can’t long hide her naturally cold and caluclating nature, and even when genuinely proud of her daughter and glad to see her guests, her happiness seems forced.

Despite any varied attempts at conversation, she inevitably steers the discussion toward Nadya, and her pride for her and her breeding. She shows equal concern and mild distaste for the antics of Nadya’s twin sister Eleanir, who is not in attedance while adventuring throughout Avistan with several of her cousins.

Hamaria Surtova

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