Helena Coogan

Former bandit and apprentice magic user


Helena looks every bit like a seventeen year old girl who has spent the last several months in a bandit camp. When found she was dressed only in hunting leathers and covered in trail dirt.


Equal parts awkward adolescent and headstrong rebel, Helena ran away from home after being forced to attend “some wizard academy” by her parents when her abilities were initially discovered. Buying passage on a ship on the Sellen River, she was soon waylaid by bandits – whose leader was Kressle.

Kressle took a liking to the young girl – or at least saw the advantage of keeping her around – and introduced her into the Stag Lord’s service. She then used the girl’s abilities to help her form a camp from which the bandits could more easily strike at the northern Greenbelt.

Helena has hinted that Kressle treated her more like an adult and equal than anyone else ever has, and seems to have had a strong emotional attachment toward her.

Helena’s adventuring life was brought abruptly short during the climactic fight against the Singing Tree of Hollow. A summoned earth elemental arose from the ground in front of her, eviscerating her with one fell blow.

Helena Coogan

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