Howl of the North Wind

Tragic Troll Agent, Used and Discarded


Howl of the North Wind is a truly massive worg, known for his incredible rate of speed and fierce demeanor. His coat is a dark brown bordering on black, and his eyes light with intelligence rarely seen in wolf or worg.


Tsarin the Dirgest states that Howl of the North Wind was once a much more noble beast in centuries past, before the Narlmarch Forest’s borders shrank and mankind encroached on otherwise virgin territory, forcing further competition among the ranks of wolves and worgs.

Having been nothing more than a vagabond for decades, he was easy prey for the honeyed words of conquest from Hargulka, and did his best to lead the party into an ambush with the assistance of some Carin Wights that he had awoken.

He was defeated, and mourned by few, in Gozran of 4712

Howl of the North Wind

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