Intercessor Nhal Banbrook

Stern faced fanatic. Pharasma Priest.


A otherwise average man, the Intercessor ritualistically shaves his head as part of his dedication to the Lady of Graves. With a countenance that seems never to have met joy, his fixed gaze seems to bore straight through the mortal flesh, ignoring everything but the soul that lies within.


A representative of a sect of Pharasma known as the Order of Repose, the Intercessor and his brothers minister to the common people of the nation in a manner specifically Brevic. They are the enemies of necromantic magic and all forms of the undead.

They are known to have a fascination with all forms of prophesy, and it is this specific order which raised Elissa and studied her after her powers became known. The Intercessor continues to have a fascination with her that borders on the alarming, wishing to know her current state and location.

The Order met with the party to discuss the possibility to funding their nascent nation, but were unable to come to terms regarding the payment. Specifically, they found quite disturbing that the Order insisted that any undead within its borders be destroyed immediately.

Intercessor Nhal Banbrook

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