Ice Cold Mite Sucka


Honestly, mites are hard to tell apart unless they’re riding giant ticks. But while Irrifrig looks like most mites on the surface, the strange mist of frost and ice crystals that surround him set him apart. Every breath he takes is exhaled as a cold puff, and his gaze is downright frosty.


Found in the lair of the Honey Queen, Irrifrig seems rather sycophantic toward her. He has professed allegiance to Grabbles, King Among Mites. Lord-in-Exile of the Old Sycamore, Herald of the Whispering Queen, etc.

From you can tell from the overhead conversation, Irrifrig was visting the Honey Queen on behalf of Grabbles in order to procure some Queen’s Honey for unknown purposes. What the mites needed it for or what they were trading for it, he didn’t say.

Irrifrig is known to be able to freeze portions of the ground of other areas, summon ice armor around himself and, most notably, project deadly ice blasts from his hands. He is also an excellent climber and like most mites, has a special relationship with all vermin.


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