Jacob Featherstep

Awkward teenage hunter


Gangly, accident prone and kind of an asshole, Jacob Featherstep is an advertisement for a medieval "it will get better’ campaign. With floppy auburn hair and clothes that don’t quite fit, he is an adequate hunter who prefers to stay away from civilized company.


Jacob has an older brother, Patrik, who has joined with the Stag Lord in order to make money for his family. He is trying to make money to treat his older sister Katrice’s illness. Jacob refused to tell the party where he lived because they are strangers with weapons who hang out with kobolds. Chased by a group of wolves, he narrowly escaped with his life when he ran across the party’s campfire. He has a crush on another hunter, Constance, and asked the PCs to deliver her mail for him.

Jacob Featherstep

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