He Who has Forgotten More than He or You Knows


A withered and nearly toothless white kobold, Jekkajakk has served as the main magical advisor of the Truescale tribe for decades. His withered skin barely covers his protruding bones, and he breaks into unintelligible gibberish and laughter every few minutes.


Jekkajakk prophesied the dark end times of the Truescale tribe after their ruinous exodus from their former homes. He insisted that the only way to purge the curse that lay on the tribe was to bathe the legendary Crown of the Kobold Kings in the blood of “pinkskin spawn” after performing a hideous arcane rite.

While four of his kidnapped hostages escaped with the help of Edgrin Galesong and Tyran Moonsilver, Jekkajakk remained firm in his insistence to finish the ritual. Preparing (and hideously scarring) both Tyran Moonsilver and Hollin Hebraddam, Jekkajakk was nonetheless stopped before he pulled the beating heart of Hollin from his chest.

DECEASED: After a devastating series of Create Pit and Flaming Arc spells, Jekkajakk was stopped by Teret and Kaede during a harrowing toe-to-toe battle. While all three were lying on the ground, Kaede finally rolled over and stabbed the creature to death by hand with a shuriken.


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