A hungry young woman


A feral young woman of striking, if ragged appearance. He dark, intense eyes and pale features were originally hidden behind sheets of caked mud. As she was cleaned up, however, it became clear that Jeva was a young woman of some beauty.


Jeva was found hiding in the forest outside of Elara’s Halfway House, an orphanage for the children of Hollow who had noone to take care of them. Evidence about that building showed that children had been tortured there and that the place has been burned down, killing most of the children inside. During this investigation, Walorin noticed a young woman watching him from the forest.

After subduing her and convincing her of their good intentions, she joined the group for a time. Until the group separated, and Jeva quickly transformed into a werewolf. Attempting to eat Sayd to sate her eternal hunger, she was again subdued. She admitted to burning down the orphanage to kill Elara, who had tortured her to “get the evil out of her”. She expressed little regret for killing the other orphans in the meantime, and openly discussed that her original plans had been to eat the lost children from Hollow, until a band of kobolds arrived and snatched them from beneath her… snout.

After a fierce debate, the group let Jeva, go back to the roam in the wilderness, with strong warnings against continuing her current behavior.


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