Jhod Kavken

Stuttering Priest of Erastil


Nearly bald, with a lined face that has seen much exposure to the elements and nothing but a long mustache to break the monotony, this man nevertheless has kind eyes. Dressed in plain homespun traveler’s clothes, he carries a staff and a shortbow. A simple leather and fur cloak bears the symbol of a stag’s antlers pierced by a single arrow.


Stuttering, unsure and deferential, Jhod clearly has a kind heart but lacks the courage to enact any real change. It is clear that he left Galt quickly and with a great deal of haste, but beyond that you are unsure of his background.

He has mentioned a particularly vivid dream about an overgrown temple of Erastil guarded by a huge, angry bear. He says this dream has guided him here.

In Gozran of 4712, Jhod convinced the party to escort him to the abandoned Temple of Erastil to see what had become of it. While there, he was overwhelmed by its beauty and shared his dark tale with the party: That he had been responsible for falsely accusing a local man in Galt of being a werewolf, and leading the angry mob that had the man hanged for the suspicion. For his role in the murder of an otherwise innocent man, Jhod was exiled from Galt and nearly excommunicated from the faith.

As he told this tale, a great weight seemed to lift from him.

The next morning, he was approached by the Grim White Stag, Herald of Erastil. The Stag imparted to him the knowledge and responsibility of how to properly civilize and populate the forest, and instructions of how would-be rulers could allow themselves to physically bond with the land to better communicate with it.

Jhod returned to Foundling’s Reach a new man, showing a confidence that has long remained hidden.

Jhod Kavken

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