Josef Akulov

Promising student of archaeology


Josef is a handsome young man with typical, classic Brevic features who holds the poise of an intellectual. Of medium height and build, his clothes and belongings are stuffed with maps, drawings and voluminous notes regarding his findings in the region. Although sometimes focused to the point of distraction, Josef nonetheless is rather meticulous in nature.


A promising graduate of the Royal Academy of Archaeology in New Stetven, Josef has been hired by Maegar Varn to examine relics and ruins in the Stolen Lands. Hearing of strange and ancient discoveries by the PCs, Josef traveled to their territory and offered to accompany them if he were permitted to keep his finds.

While sometimes distracted and focused, Josef is extremely diligent in thought and deed. Extremely practical, the nuance of everyday humor sometimes escapes him. Nonetheless, he is determined to be helpful – he holds extensive knowledge in a variety of academic and arcane subjects that is is eager to share.

After an extended tour of the Greenbelt and Narlmarch Forest with the PC group, Josef has had to return to Varnhold to continue working for Maegar Varn. In his time with them, however, Josef became a good friend and confidant.

While in Droskar’s Crucible, an abandoned dwarven monastery dedicated to their joyless god of toil, Jacob came upon an incredible find: a cyclopean knife of untold millennia, thought to be owned by the legendary (and despotic) lich-king Vordekai, whose abilities for prophesy were legend. Unfortunately, this relic has left strange and unfortunate side effects on him. The extent of the damage is largely unknown.

Josef Akulov

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