Jubilost Narthroppe

Explorer, Visionary, Raconteur,


When the group first encountered the diminutive explorer, he showed the signs of an extremely one-sided battle: His face was bruised and swollen and he was barely able to speak. After a few generously applied heals, a striking and somewhat wild looking gnome man emerged. Jubilost’s crop of hair juts out from his head at a 45 degree angle, the improbable color of a desiccated autumn leaf.


The Narthropple Expedition is made of 10 gnomes from Jovvox in Mivon, under the leadership of the flamboyant Jubilost Narthropple. A wealthy gnome explorer and mapmaker, he is an unmistakable figure due to both his passion and his loquacity.

His men seem to believe wholeheartedly in his vision of Exploration! Freedom! and Natural Spectacle! After being given an invitation to join the group in Foundling’s Reach, Jubilost said that he still had wild lands to view and explore before he could think of settling down.

The group have recently suffered a fair amount of loss and three deaths after an ambush by a group of black kobolds who emerged from the brush with calls of “spies!”. Thankfully, the PCs were able to help them recoup most of their material losses.

Jubilost Narthroppe

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