Sleepwalking former paladin


A dark skinned man with a warrior’s build and sympathetic eyes, when they are rarely opened. Dressed in naught but a ragged pair of purple pajamas and a nightcap, Kalkamedes is constantly getting himself into trouble.


A former pathfinder and paladin of Mendev, Kalkamedes has jumped from one prestigious organization to the next, and seems to have failed them all. He seems haunted in the rare moments that he is awake.

Originally a paladin of the Silver Crusade for several years, Kalkamedes did his best to live up to the organization’s ideals, but he could never quite follow their code when the temptation to cut corners was strongest. He was always at his best when battling evil with underhanded tricks: employing ambushes, faking injuries and luring opponents into traps. Although he was always fighting for the cause of the weak and downtrodden, whenever a just cause was on the line Kalkamedes could not resist the temptation to lie or sneak in order to get the job done.

Kalkamedes knew his actions were a slippery slope not only for him but also his order. Rather than bring his superiors and colleagues into disrepute, he decided it best to resign and go his own way. A part of Kalkamedes, however, has always felt guilty or perhaps incomplete that he was never able to rise to the challenge of fulfilling a paladin’s oath


Upon the founding of Glamorfell, Kalkamedes was offered a spot as the High Priest of Glamorfell. He will be the first person to tell you that his appointment is hugely ironic – he is the fallen paladin of Iomedae, and currently is in the grace of no deity at all.

Regardless he made a welcome if reluctant member of the council. He is most likely its most humble member, and offers to resign nearly every session if the group thinks that someone else is more suitable for the job.

He is now happily married to Ellisa Rosemantle, and they have taken on Jacob Featherstep as an adopted son.


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