Namdrin Quinn

Self proclaimed rock legend


Roguish and handsome, Namdrin seems to care little for the harsher parts of the world. A wide grin seems to plastered on his face at all times, and he always seems to be readily dressed for a stylish adventure.


It seems as though Namrdrin holds very little of the pensiveness often found in half-elves. He seems to take very littler seriously as he strolls around The Stolen Lands with his lute in hand, singing to anyone who will listen.

He is never found without Tessa Kelrand, his lover. Their history seems a bit spotty, and beyond vague rumors and inferred comments, little is known about the two.

Namdrin created a lyrical masterpiece entitled “Wind by the FIreside”, a tale about a lost Kellid prince of the north seeking to reclaim the past glories of his people.

Namdrin’s wife Tessa Kelrand was killed during an an attempt to kill a malevolent creature that was ravaging the north of Glamorfell. Namdrin took her death extremely poorly, and left Foundling’s Reach the very next day.

Namdrin Quinn

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