Sayd Krynn

The Stolen Prince


Supernaturally alluring and intense, it is immediately obvious that this young man is more than human. He sports asymmetrical irregularities: the tips of his blonde hair are raven hued on the left side only, and a small black horn begins about half-way up behind his left ear and follows the path of the ear, curling slightly up and out at the end, projecting just slightly from his hair. His green eyes are so vibrant as to appear nearly glowing, as if back-lit by some soft, subtle fire. His fingers end in shapely black nails. His face is permanently flushed, his lips are the color of crushed roses, and the space around him seems ten degrees too warm. An inky black, barbed tail swoons behind him.


Sayd hails from the Ankar-Te district of Kaer Maga, the City of Strangers. He has spent the better part of his life in the company of Yelenya, a Varisian dhampir who raised him like a little brother and who shaped his moral path through life. A priestess of Calistria who saved his life after he was poisoned by Tickleback claimed that he was the spawn of Nocticula, had no real parents and was born of a gnoll in distant southern lands.

He speaks little of his past, although it is well known among the Black Cats that he led another mercenary company for years and that his former team, Three Tailed Fox, was decimated by the Stag Lord in a pitched battle some months before the Spirit of Restov expedition was formed.

Although famous for having no fear, Sayd is as deeply superstitious as any primitive tribesman might be and constantly avoids angering or displeasing the gods. He is very religious as well.

Sayd Krynn

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