Disturbing book page

lone page of a book found in the mite tunnels


“I was beginning to worry that I would not be able to finish my picnic after all….”


The page of this book depicts a man in his late 20s, clutched tightly in the talons of an gigantic crow. Beneath him, a vast swamp stretches for infinity into the horizon. Enormous worms seem to writhe obscenely on the page, trying to reach up to him and snatch him from the crow’s grasp. In the background, a smaller crow flaps behind the bigger bird, a spoon clutched in its beak.

There is something inherently wrong with the picture. The colors are too vivid and lurid to be anything you’d see in real life. The artist seems to sketch haphazardly, stray lines radiating from the illustration. The man himself seems curiously devoid of emotion despite his predicament.

The page, while non magical, is in perfect condition. It is clear the mites prized it.

Disturbing book page

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