Disturbing book page

"I was having a picnic that first day of spring when a pesky crow flew down and stole my spoon".


The page of this book depicts a man in his late 20s, whimsically dressed, jumping up and down, waving a sword in anger. In the background, a crow flies away into the forest, a spoon clutched in its beak. A jar of raspberry preserved the man had been about tos poon onto a biscuit lies neglected on the ground. In the background, a scary castle with knife-like towers protrudes above the treetops. A sense of ancient menace hangs about it.

Again, there is something wrong with the picture. Although the landscape does not seem as grotesque as in the other page you found, the castle seems to loom heavy on the page. The artist seemed to perform the drawing in a hurried state, random lines and colors appearing all over the page. While the man seems to be agitated in action, his face is a blank slate.

The page, while non magical, is in perfect condition.

Disturbing book page

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