Gamin the Misforged

The Broken Blade


The glittering blade is clearly defective, and a rippling break runs from its tip to its hilt like a crack in a broken window.


An intelligent blade, Gamin is quite opinionated. It was forged by an organization known as the Gatesmiths, a brotherhood of talented dwarves in an abandoned dwarven monastery known as “Droskar’s Crucible” several hundred years ago. Originally known as “The Gaminuecron”, it was intended to be a blade of legend; however, a flaw appeared early in the forging, and the smiths found themselves unable to salvage the blade, discarding it.

For centuries, Gamin passed from one dissatisfied holy warrior to the next, and eventually Gamin saw use as little more than a training blade in a lesser fighting academy before being locked away. Several years ago, Kalkamedes liberated the bitter sword during one of his solo expeditions. The two quickly became soul makes: a failed paladin and a broken blade, both imperfect, but each striving to be more than they were.

Gamin the Misforged

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